Prevent Lost Inventory
with Therma°

Get Peace of Mind with 24/7 Commercial Refrigeration Monitoring.

Therma° Benefits

Remote monitoring solutions from Therma provide easy set up, 24/7 monitoring, alerts, useful reports, and peace of mind.

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Eliminate overtime maintenance fees

End food spoilage events

End food spoilage events

Reduce labor costs 

Reduce labor costs 

Protect against human error

Protect against human error

How Skyline Chili saved $18k

Before implementing Therma°, Skyline was unaware of equipment failures after business hours. With Therma installed, the team was notified of rising temperatures in two separate locations - saving $18,000 in food spoilage and prep costs.

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Therma° alerts themselves have helped create better practice. We’ve had a great experience.

Justin Scott
Operations System Manager, Skyline Chili

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Protect Your Inventory and End Loss Events 

Food is your business. When coolers go out of temp for too long or freezers stop freezing, huge quantities of inventory have to be thrown out to protect your patrons. 

Therma° saves the average restaurant location 3,960 lbs of food, per year - roughly 8 months of food for a family of 4.