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Cooling, which includes refrigeration and HVAC, is the least understood major driver of climate change, accounting for nearly 10% of global CO2 emissions – including energy use, food waste, and refrigerant leakage.
Cooling drives emissions when extreme weather and high energy prices cause power shortages, forcing utilities to use fossil fuel-based “peaker” power plants to maintain infrastructure and safety.
Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™
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Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ dynamically lowers energy demand from cooling assets while saving money on utility bills, food inventory loss, and human error.

Our proprietary technology integrates into existing equipment so it’s easy to use and get started.
Track CO2e reductions with our new carbon emissions calculator.
Prevent emergency maintenance, food inventory loss, and save 15% on electricity bills.
Food Waste
Get peace of mind that food inventory is safe with 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring.
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Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ reduces energy consumption, electricity bills, and food waste.
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Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ has two products today
Therma° Monitoring
Bring peace of mind to dining operations with reliable 24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring that protects against faulty equipment and food safety incidents.
Therma° Monitoring
Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
Energy Reduction and Optimization
Therma° Energy
Intelligently reduce and optimize energy usage from your commercial refrigeration and HVAC systems for guaranteed 15% savings on your electricity bill.
Therma° Energy
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Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™
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Vail Resorts
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