How Therma° is responding to the global semiconductor shortage

Read on to learn how Therma° is helping our customers navigate the global semiconductor shortage.

Over the last year, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many companies do business. Those that have produced computerized products have had an especially difficult time due to a global shortage of computer chips, otherwise known as semiconductors. 

As a producer of IoT hardware, Therma° has also been affected by the shortage. Read on to learn more about the semiconductor shortage and how Therma° is managing it.

Why is there a global semiconductor shortage? 

In the past, manufacturers of goods produced raw materials or bought precursors in bulk quantities. However, over the last 50 years, product manufacturers have shifted to a new model of sourcing components, known as just-in-time manufacturing. Pioneered by Toyota in the 1970s, just-in-time relies on delivering individual parts shortly before production. 

COVID-19 exposed weaknesses in the global supply chain that made just-in-time possible. Stay-at-home orders affected each link in the chain. During this time, component manufacturers, producers of raw materials, longshoremen, and merchant mariners all operated with skeleton crews. As a result, the productivity and output of these operations decreased exponentially. 

Simultaneously, demand for devices that utilize semiconductors has increased based on the exponential growth of internet-of-things (IoT) technology. Semiconductors are a critical part of most cars, cell phones, home assistants, and other products like Therma°. IoT devices rely on transmitting signals across locations and need semiconductors to operate. Without the components necessary to create their products, industries that rely on computerized devices have faced production shortages. 

How is Therma° responding?

At Therma°, our commitment to helping our customers reduce food waste, save money, and streamline operations is stronger than ever. We have revised and improved our manufacturing and forecasting processes to account for the semiconductor shortage and ensure that Therma° is continuously available for purchase. 

For those interested in purchasing Therma° or expanding to new locations, we recommend ordering as soon as possible to guarantee rapid fulfillment.

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