Our mission is to combat climate change by eliminating food, product, and energy waste from the global refrigeration system. Our vision is to build the world’s first smart cold chain.

Transforming the Food Industry

Therma° drastically improves the climate impact of the food and restaurant industry by preventing waste. Every Therma° customer avoids a minimum of 3,960 pounds of food waste per location, per year, which prevents 1.07 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions.

This means:
- Enough food to feed a four-person family for eight and a half months
- Preventing the environmental impact of consuming 120 gallons of gasoline

Who we are

We’re proud of our mission and the business we’ve built to achieve it. We work hard, respect each other, and most days, love our jobs.

We care deeply about our impact on climate and the change we’re bringing about in the world. Change takes time, and we’re in this for the long haul.

We are protective of our culture, which values kindness, candor, adventure, and a perpetual desire for knowledge. We love food and community. There’s something special that happens when a group of people sits down to eat together, and we do that every chance we get.

As a team, we embrace diversity in the broadest sense: across race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, education, economic status, and life experience.

Team members at Therma° have:

Gone to culinary school and run a pastry kitchen in Tokyo

Been certified sailors, national rifle and figure-skating champions, and olympic-level athletes

Worked in the Obama administration

Created and sold multiple companies

Led past lives as successful lawyers

Dropped out of college

Find your home

The Therma° team primarily lives throughout the West Coast and in the Philippines. Find Therma° team members in San Francisco, Pleasanton, Santa Barbara, Florida, and even Canada! Visit our headquarters in:

United States HQ

1516 Folsom Street
San Francisco CA 94103


8th Floor, Skyrise 3, Cebu IT Park, Apas,Cebu City, 6000 Philippines

Our recruiting partners

Therma° is proud to partner with climate communities:

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