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Frequently asked questions about Therma° Energy

When will my savings show up in my Dashboard?

You will see your first savings at the end of the first, full billing cycle with Therma° Regardless of when you see the savings, they are guaranteed. 

When can I see my equipment status? 

Your equipment status, including mode, temperature, and humidity will be displayed in the Dashboard within a few hours of the Therma° technician completing the installation.

How does Therma° calculate my savings?

Therma° calculates savings using the International Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP), the industry accepted standard for estimating energy savings.

What does “eco” mode mean and how long will it last?

When you see your equipment is in eco mode, it means Therma° is working to reduce energy consumption and save you money. Most eco modes work in 15-minute intervals. 

How can I be sure my inventory is protected and my customers remain comfortable?

Therma° is monitoring the temperature of your equipment 24/7.  Our automation will never put equipment in eco mode if temperatures are too high.

How do the Overrides work?

You can override Therma° controls by clicking on a piece of equipment in the equipment table, located on the Homepage of your Energy Dashboard, and then clicking on the Override button. An Override will pause any Therma° control of that piece of equipment for a total of 60 minutes.

Does the override impact savings?

Yes, you can only override two times within a three-month period without forgoing your savings guarantee.

What if I want to cancel an override?

You can cancel an override by clicking on the equipment in the equipment table and then clicking on Resume Automation.

Will I be notified if there are any temperature excursions?

Therma° will send you an alert if your cooler or freezer experiences a temperature excursion. You may configure alerts in your Therma° Monitoring Dashboard by clicking on Equipment and then “add alert”.

Does Therma° impact equipment warranty?

No. We are only changing the temperature settings and turning equipment off and on, which should not impact equipment warranty.