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I received a degraded connection alert. How do I resolve it?

Learn how to optimize your system's connectivity

A degraded connection alert will trigger when our software consistently reads low signal strength from your sensor for 24 hours. This can indicate that your sensor is struggling to connect to the hub. 

There are many factors that can impact your sensor's connectivity, however, the biggest impact comes from the positioning of your sensors and hub. If your sensor is reporting low connectivity, or you are experiencing frequent gaps in data uploads, you might want to consider adjusting this positioning.

Try relocating your hub closer to your sensors, or adjusting the location of the sensor inside the unit you are monitoring. 

Best practices for the placement of your sensors and hub include:

- Ensure your sensor is situated vertically, with the QR code facing the direction of the hub.

- Place Therma° sensors in the middle of the unit, with enough space to read the                         temperature around them.

- Do not put sensors near doors or fans. Sudden gusts of airflow pointed at the sensor can       cause inaccurate temperature data and trigger excessive alerts.

- Do not place sensors within or directly on top of food.

- Do not submerge sensors in water, above heat or fire, or in ziplock bags.

- Ensure your hub is sitting flat on it's bottom with both antennas pointed directly towards     the sky.