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How do I cancel my Subscription?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. However, we are unable to refund you for any remaining time left on your annual subscription if there is any.

To cancel your subscription, please contact our Support Team at support@hellotherma.com with the reason for your cancellation and your address for a return label.

How do I return my hardware?

Once you have confirmed you would like to cancel with our support team, our team will issue you a return label for the return of your hardware.

We request that you package your hardware with cushioning materials to prevent damage during shipping. 

If we do not receive your hardware 30 days after your cancellation, we will charge you for the MSRP value of the hardware. If we receive damaged hardware, we will charge you for the MSRP value of that hardware. 

MSRP Therma° Sensors: $99 each 

MSRP Therma° Hubs: $250 each