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What is the Account Management Tab and who can access it?

Get information on how to update your payment method, add or remove sensors on your subscription, and view your invoices.

The account management tab in the Therma Dashboard allows you to update your subscription quantity, payment method, billing address, and view past invoices.

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Who Can access the Account Management Page? 

Not all Therma° users will have access to the Account Management Portal. Only account owners who purchased our product via our online store have access to this feature. If you do not have access to this page, simply contact support@hellotherma.com and our team can assist you. 

How do I find the Account Management Page? 

Therma° App: 

This feature is not available in our app. 

Therma° Web Dashboard: 

To locate the Account Management Tab, login to dashboard, click initials in top right corner, select Account Management.

Click the blue link under the words ". In the portal that populates, you can update the number of sensors on your subscription, change your payment information, billing address, and see past invoices. If you have any additional questions or concerns about your billing information, please contact billing@hellotherma.com.

How do I add or remove sensors from my subscription? 

To increase or decrease the number of sensors on your subscription, click the pink Update Quantity button on the top right of the page. Use the plus or minus symbols to adjust the quantity of sensors on your subscription. Once you hit submit, a member of our support team will reach out to confirm your return or order for additional sensors.

How do I update my Payment Method? 

To add a new payment method, select the Add Payment Method option. Underneath the payment option, you can update your billing address by clicking Update Information.

At the bottom of the page, view your most recent paid invoices.