How do I position my Sensors and Hub?

Best practices for the placement of your:


- Ensure your sensor is situated vertically, with the QR code facing the direction of the hub.
- Place Therma° sensors in the middle of the unit, with enough space to read the temperature around them.
- Do not put sensors near doors or fans. Sudden gusts of airflow pointed at the sensor can cause inaccurate temperature data and trigger excessive alerts.
- Do not place sensors within, behind, or directly on top of food.
- Do not submerge sensors in water, above heat or fire, or in ziplock bags.


- Make sure the hub is in a location with strong cellular connectivity.

- You want to ensure the hub is not going to be accidentally unplugged or the antennas moved throughout the workday.

- Ensure the hub is flat on it's bottom. 

- Position the hub as close to the units you are monitoring as possible.

-  The antenna labeled 915 should be in the port labeled LoRa, while the flat antenna should be in the port labeled 4G. Both need to be securely screwed into the hub and pointed directly towards the sky.