How do I set up alerts?

Learn more about alert tiering, adding and editing alerts, recommended alerts, and smart alerts.

Alerts are a powerful tool that allows you to be notified when your units go outside of the desired temperature and humidity range. 

How do I add an Alert?

Note: Only individuals who are admins can add recipients to an alert. 

Each piece of equipment should have a Set Point input into the equipment configuration. This is the temperature that the unit is manually set to operate at. You will then need to select the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity thresholds you are comfortable allowing your units to operate in. These min/max temperatures or humidity percentages will inform your alert thresholds.

To adjust these thresholds, follow the directions below. 

Therma° App:

  1. Look for the sensor name. 
  2. Tap and hold the sensor name. 
  3. Swipe to the left.
  4. Tap on the Pencil icon. 
  5. Adjust the desired temperature threshold. 
  6. Tap Next on the upper right corner to save the changes. 

Therma° Web Dashboard: 

  1. Login into your Therma Dashboard on your preferred web browser. 
  2. Select the Equipment tab.
  3. Click on the pencil icon beside the sensor name. 
  4. Adjust the desired temperature threshold. 
  5. Click Next. 

Now that those settings have been updated, you can move onto setting up your alerts. 

Therma° App: 

  1. Login into your Therma app.
  2. Click the location and then sensor you would like to add or edit alerts for and select Sensor Details.
  3. Select Alert Configuration.
  4. From here, you can either edit an existing alert by clicking directly on the alert, or create a new alert by clicking the plus sign on the top right of your screen.
  5. The Enabled toggle shows if the alert is On or Off. From here, customize the temperature, duration, recipients, and custom alert notification method for that specific alert if you choose.
  6. Save. 

Therma° Web Dashboard: 

  1. Login into your Therma Dashboard on your preferred web browser.
  2. Navigate to the sensors tab and scroll until you see the sensor you would like to edit or add an alert for.
  3. Click on the sensor that you want to edit or add the alert to.
  4. To add an alert, select the pink Add Alert button to the right of the sensor name. If you hover over the pencil icon to the right of the alert name, you will see it says edit.  Click on the pencil icon to edit an existing alert.
  5. While creating or editing an alert, you can customize the duration of time until the alert is sent, recipients, and customize the notification method for that specific alert.
  6. Save. 

What is Alert Tiering? 

Alert tiering is our recommended solution for creating meaningful and efficient alerts for users with larger teams. 

In an effort to avoid alert fatigue, we suggest you strategically set up your temperature threshold alerts in a tiered manner. We recommend you set up 2-3 alerts per sensor as this will allow someone onsite to correct the issue. If they are not available, the alert will escalate to the next available individual. What you want to avoid, is placing one person on every single alert. 

For example:

Alert 1: Assign an individual onsite that will be able to correct the issue immediately, if they are available. 

Alert 2: The second individual can be on-site and/ or a supervisor that may be able to correct the issue if individual #1 could not. 

Alert 3: The third individual will be able to check in with individuals 1 & 2 to see ensure the alerts have been addressed; i.e. a district manager, head of nutrition, or person in charge of the Therma program. 

What are recommended alerts?    

Recommended alerts are a great feature for those who may not feel confident in what to set their alert thresholds at. Our team has done extensive research based on FDA guidelines to recommend a minimum and maximum temperature threshold for your equipment. 

If you would like to set your own thresholds, you can skip this process, by clicking on the skip button. 

What are smart alerts?  

Smart Alerts intelligently adjust your alert temperature thresholds to help prevent excessive notifications.

Smart Alerts automatically increase or decrease your temperature threshold one degree at a time (with a maximum of 5 degrees). Once the 5-degree threshold is reached, Therma proactively recommends adjusting the temperature of your equipment by a few degrees or making a preventative maintenance service call.

To enable Smart Alerts, select the lightbulb icon to the right of the sensor name on the Sensors Page.

The icon will be blue when Smart Alerts are enabled.

An example of this:

If you enabled smart alerts, and your threshold was set to 45F, and you received an alert 24 times within a 72 hour period, the threshold would move from 45F to 46F.

This method would be repeated until the new threshold is 5 degrees above/below the original set threshold. 

Baseline Temperature Threshold: 45F

New Above Threshold (max): 50F

New Below Threshold(min): 40F

A smart alert activation will notify you via email. 

Smart alert notifications are sent via the preferred alerts notification method.