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How do I reset my sensor?

The steps for resetting your sensor will depend upon the type of sensor you are using. 

First, locate the type of sensor you have from the list below. Then, follow the instructions..

                                     LHT65 Sensor                                    HT65N Sensor      

                                 20210426-20210426-Therma-Sensor_0011                  HT - ACT - Light

1. With the sensor facing you, locate the ACT button on either the bottom or front of the sensor. 

2. Hold the ACT button down​ for​ 5 seconds until the green light flashes, and continue holding for 5 seconds. You will then​ see a red light, followed by purple light, followed by a green light. The device is now on and connected to the network.

Note: ​If you only see one red flash, the sensor could not find the hub. Ensure the hub is plugged in, the antennae are screwed on and pointing toward the sky, and the power and globe icons are solid red.

Data should reflect within 10 to 20 minutes after the hub is online and the sensors are activated.

Proceed to Step 2 if there is still no data after 20 minutes.

2. Hold down the ACT button for 3 seconds and let go ​​before the green light starts blinking. You should see one red and one purple light. Check the sensor’s log for a recent temperature or humidity reading after 20 minutes.

iMonnit Sensor

If you are using our original hardware (black hardware, not white) , follow the directions below. 

1. Unscrew the back of your sensor. Ensure 

2. Remove the old batteries. 

3. Insert the new AA (AAA?) Batteries

4. Place the back panel on the sensor and reinsert the screws.