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What is included with my Therma° Subscription?

Monitoring Dashboard

Reporting Capabilities

Customized Alert Notifications

Unlimited Teams, Users, and Locations

Customer portal for subscription management

Universal SIM card cellular and ethernet enabled Therma° Hub

LoRaWan Therma° Sensors

Free hardware replacements

Cancel anytime

Free shipping and returns

24/7 Support Team assistance via email and 9 - 5 EST via chat 

What types of subscriptions are there? 

Monthly Subscription - Billed once per month, per sensor 

Annual Subscription - Billed once per year at the beginning of your subscription. For more information on our annual subscriptions, please reach out to sales@hellotherma.com.

How many sensors do I need per hub? 

Our leasing model ensures that in any event of the hardware needing replacement, we can replace that hardware at no extra cost to you. To cover our hardware costs, we have a 2 sensor per hub minimum.