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Thermaº for Convenience Stores

Advanced refrigeration monitoring for convenience stores: Experience automated checks, remote access, reliable data, and customizable alerts—all designed to provide optimal product freshness and peace of mind.

Key to Freshness: Avoiding Equipment Issues to Ensure Product Quality

Chilled to Perfection: Therma's High-Tech Refrigeration Monitoring for Thousands of Convenience Stores

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Reliable Refrigeration Monitoring Products for Convenience Stores

For convenience stores, a comprehensive temperature monitoring solution is essential. Therma provides this vital solution to ensure the optimal temperature in refrigerated sections, storage areas, and other temperature-sensitive zones within the store.


Pricing and Estimates

Select your number of locations and total refrigeration units to see hub and sensor recommendations (minimum 2 sensors):

Selection Guide

$12.50 per sensor per month


Easy online cancellations any time


Alerts by phone call, text, email, & push notifications


2 minute plug & play setup

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Precision Monitoring: Mastery Beyond the Surface with Therma°

From sensors to the cloud, through to your personalized desktop dashboard or mobile app, Therma° offers one of the market's most dependable and accurate monitoring systems.


IoT Monitoring Sensor - The Beginning Point

The process initiates with Therma’s LoRaWAN temperature and humidity sensor functioning as the tracking device. It meticulously monitors and records vital data, ensuring the first chain of connectivity in this streamlined process is accurate,  dependable, and on-time.


The Hub Gateway

Therma's hub serves as a crucial link, securely relaying collected data to the cloud. It plays a key role in ensuring a smooth transmission of the recorded data transmission to Therma’s dashboard.


The Cloud - The Secure and Always Available Repository

The data progresses to the cloud, a diligent guardian that hosts and protects the data continuously. Here, it's not just stored but also effectively processed, readied for user-friendly presentation, while maintaining constant security and accessibility.


User Interface - The All-in-one Platform

The data, updated every 10 minutes, is simplified and displayed on your dashboard or app, showing temperature and humidity levels, ensuring your products and refrigeration equipment are properly monitored.

Peace of Mind Redefined

Leverage advanced refrigeration monitoring technologies in convenience stores to ensure product freshness and regulatory compliance in real-time.

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Prevent waste and spoilage. Ensure products are at the perfect temperature for optimal customer enjoyment.

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Easy to install, state-of-the-art sensors for optimal store management.

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Monitor temperature and humidity in key store sections.

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Ensure compliance with health and safety standards.

Effortless optimization of your convenience store's refrigeration

Enhance refrigeration management in your convenience store with an easy-to-use temperature and humidity monitoring system that offers remote access and complete oversight over all refrigeration units and areas.

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User-friendly interfaces with minimal staff training required.

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Flexible feature to receive remote alerts when temperatures deviate from the ideal range for optimal product consumption.

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Analysis of refrigeration efficiency and equipment health at brief 10-minute intervals.

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Swift identification and reaction to any equipment issues to maintain product temperatures within set range.

Tailored Settings and Extensive Monitoring

Fine-tune the settings of each refrigeration unit based on its location and what it is monitoring. Make sure to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels for food and equipment safety.

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Provide staff with specific access to modify refrigeration settings.

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Guarantee food safety with easy alert controls.

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Sustain ideal refrigeration conditions consistently.

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Easily adjust settings as storage needs and conditions change.

Benefits of Using Therma

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Customizable Alerts for Precise Monitoring

Therma's system offers customizable alerts for convenience stores, immediately notifying staff about temperature or humidity deviations. This ensures efficient monitoring and reduces spoilage or immediate attention to equipment failure.

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Best-In-Class Refrigeration Alerts

Therma uses LoRaWAN wireless communication between sensors. Real-time updates are sent to mobile devices, providing swift notifications about refrigeration conditions.

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Set It and Forget It: Ease of Use

Therma operates autonomously, continuously monitoring without needing frequent human intervention. Once set up, it monitors temperature and humidity levels, alerting staff only when necessary, saving time, stress and effort.

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Amazing Support Team for Seamless Experience

Therma’s support team specializes in assisting convenience stores with any issues or queries, ensuring a smooth operation of the refrigeration monitoring system. Their availability guarantees hassle-free usage and reliable service.

Save Money. Prevent Waste. Get Back Peace of Mind.