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How Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ (TCIP) Works

Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform (TCIP) is a sophisticated energy management system that allows restaurant owners to save money on their electricity bills, reduce food waste, and reduce CO2 emissions.  

But how does TCIP achieve these remarkable results?  Let’s take a look at a system-level diagram to see how everything works together.


TCIP diagram

The customer (restaurant owner) and the assets of the restaurant (the building, freezer, cooler, HVAC system, frozen food, cold food, hot food, people inside the restaurant, etc.) are shown on the right side of the diagram. This is what the restaurant owner cares about — making great food and serving their customers, as a profitable business.  

It takes electrical power (gold arrows) to run the freezer, cooler, HVAC system, and other equipment, such as lights, sanitation, and signs. That electrical power comes from utility companies (such as PG&E), or from an energy retailer (such as direct energy or a community choice aggregator), as shown on the left side of the diagram. The utility and the retailer provide the electrical power to the customer, and bill the restaurant owner, who pays the bills.  

But those bills can be surprisingly high — up to $10,000/month or more for electricity.  For most restaurant owners, that’s just the cost of doing business. And those bills are not just expensive; they are complicated and confusing. Peak and off-peak energy charges, max peak and max demand charges, generation credits … who has time to understand those details and find ways to reduce this hefty bill?

But with Therma° TCIP, it is possible to reduce that bill by 10%. We have figured out how to optimize the usage and timing of electrical power, so as to reliably reduce the electricity bill without inconveniencing the restaurant owner or affecting their business operations. And at the same time, monitor the health of the refrigeration equipment to protect against food spoilage, warn of equipment failures, and reduce CO2 emissions.

TCIP sends carefully timed control signals (magenta arrows) to the freezer, cooler, and HVAC systems, turning them off and on at precisely the right times to have the best effect on reducing the power consumption of the restaurant as a whole and reducing its monthly bill. TCIP uses temperature sensors to monitor the freezer, cooler, and interior air temperature to ensure food safety and restaurant comfort. And TCIP uses power sensors to monitor the power consumption of the freezer, cooler and HVAC system to ensure that we produce the best possible savings for the restaurant owner. It’s a sophisticated real-time control system, built to optimize savings while preserving food safety.

We use the industry standard IPMVP protocol to reliably measure savings. This way, you can be confident that you are getting the best possible results.


Using Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ (TCIP) to Drive Savings

Saving money on electricity bills is possible, but it requires a deeper understanding of utility charges, along with ongoing efforts to control costs and invest in modern equipment. These represent just some of the barriers that have deterred many people from pursuing savings. 

TCIP offers an exciting opportunity to receive a guaranteed 10% reduction in electricity bills through energy efficiency and optimization without any interruptions to your business operations. 

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