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How to save 10% on energy by Sensing, Shifting, & Saving with Therma°

Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform (TCIP™) is a groundbreaking solution that utilizes sensing, shifting, and saving to deliver 10% guaranteed electricity bill savings on customers’ while simultaneously contributing to a more stable electrical grid. Achieving these economic and environmental benefits requires a sophisticated and complex system made up of hardware, software, and machine learning-powered algorithms. These are the components that enable TCIP™ to intelligently optimize refrigeration and HVAC equipment without compromising inventory safety or guest/employee comfort.

How Does it Work?

For a full technical explanation, see “How Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform™ (TCIP™) Works”. In simpler terms, however, TCIP™ helps businesses save 10% on their electricity bills with the 3S’s: Sensing, Shifting, and Saving. 


  • Sensing - temperature/humidity levels and electricity usage are constantly monitored using Therma°’s best-in-class sensors to guarantee that refrigeration and HVAC equipment. effectively fulfill their vital functions while informing the TCIP™ machine learning algorithm
  • Shifting - energy consumption of cooling equipment is strategically shifted towards times when electricity is least expensive to optimize usage patterns.
  • Saving - the overall amount of energy drawn by cooling equipment is reduced, resulting in savings on electricity bills.

In conclusion, TCIP™ senses temperature/humidity levels and electricity usage to ensure operational safety while informing machine learning algorithms. The platform then shifts and optimizes energy usage to save energy consumption and 10% on monthly electricity bills.

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