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Manik Suri appears on the Webit Summer Impact Forum

Therma° CEO and Founder, Mani Suri, spoke on an Energy Transformation and Innovation Enabling Resilience Panel this past week. The panel was a part of the Webit Summer Impact Forum. The Forum’s goal is to create a sustainable future for the globe. 


Suri was one of the 500 speakers that discussed energy sustainability with 100,000 attendees. The biggest theme of the conversation was regenerating energy and transforming how we currently use our energy grids. 


Agreeing with another panelist who mentioned the “2 billion people living in energy poverty”, Suri says that an entire ecosystem of companies and innovators are emerging to reduce emissions and allow individuals to become aware of their actions. 


“We are focusing on decarbonizing built environment assets in the cooling sector, which are responsible for huge carbon emissions because of refrigerant links, energy consumption, and product waste,” said Suri. 


Take refrigeration, for example; no one ever turns them off. Fridges are efficient but also require a lot of energy. Approximately 14 billion refrigeration machines are needed to provide adequate cooling globally. The US alone spends 15% of our electricity consumption on refrigeration. 


When asked about one of the most extensive opportunities of working with the government on energy optimization, Suri mentioned, “it's the art of the possible.”


To watch the entire panel, click here