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Therma° + Ecotrak

What is it?

Therma°, the Cooling Intelligent Platform™ for restaurants, healthcare, grocery, convenience, hospitals and schools has partnered with Ecotrak Facility Management Software to provide repair and maintenance software to Therma customers.


Ecotrak is a facility and asset management software that helps businesses and teams manage their repairs, maintenance, vendors, assets, and reporting. This integration enables Ecotrak and Therma° customers to reduce food waste, carbon emissions, plus save time, energy and maintenance costs.

Who is it for?

  • Franchisors, Franchisees, Facilities, Operations and Accounting teams

Integration Features

  • Temperature and humidity data is sent directly from Therma° into refrigeration and HVAC assets in Ecotrak
  • Asset runtime hours and downtime events are tracked and recorded from Therma° into Ecotrak Reporting
  • Therma° users can login to Ecotrak to schedule repairs or maintenance
  • Connect temperature and humidity data to asset lifecycle data


  • This integration is available to all Therma° and Ecotrak customers.
  • For refrigeration and HVAC assets that are monitored by Therma° IoT Sensors