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Therma° wins Restaurateurs' Choice Award for Environmental Good

Therma° reduces carbon emissions by preventing loss events and equipment breakdowns. We save 3,960 lbs of food per restaurant per year - 8 1/2 months of food for a family of 4. This year’s award recipients were recognized for their investment in our planet, being a “part of the solution rather than part of the problem,” as RTN says.

Why food waste is a problem in resturaunts

Roughly 30-40% of our total food production is thrown away before it reaches plates. Almost two-thirds of this comes from poor food storage and handling techniques in transport, storage, and preparation.


Restaurants are particularly liable to waste due to food safety laws which demand that food must be thrown away if improperly stored. It's common for old equipment to fail or for busy teams to mismanage temperature data and throw out entire coolers' worth of food.

How Therma° solves the problem

Therma° prevents food waste by stopping equipment breakdowns and temperature logging that lead to loss events. With Therma°, restaurants have complete visibility into equipment at all times and get proactive alerts when things go wrong. Not only does this help save the planet, but it also helps save on the bottom line. The average Therma° customer will save $15,000 per location, per year!


“If you want the peace of mind and to take the guessing game out of it, and to make sure you have a solid temperature monitoring and reporting system that you can count on 24/7, then I recommend using Therma,” says the Food and Beverage Director of Wyndham.


We are excited to be this year’s winner. Try Therma° for your business by purchasing a sensor kit below.


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