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Guide to Troubleshooting Therma°

At Therma°, we strive to create the best user experience possible for our customers. By following these easy steps, you can easily diagnose and fix setup errors with your Therma° system. Read on to learn how.

Hub inactivity alerts

If your hub is showing signs of inactivity, evidenced by flat or nonexistent data or offline alerts:


  • Ensure that the hub is plugged in.
  • Simply unplug and plug back in your hub’s power supply.

If you’re still experiencing inactivity from your hub, change the placement of your hub. To do this:


  • Relocate your hub to an area with better cellular connectivity.
  • Locate your hub on the same floor as your sensor.

An example of an offline hub alert in the Therma° dashboard


Tip: Check out our hardware setup guide to learn how to get your Therma° remote monitoring system up and running quickly and efficiently.

Problems adding a sensor

If you are experiencing problems adding a sensor:


  • Navigate to the “add sensor” feature of our mobile app or web dashboard.
  • Check the serial number entered in your mobile app or web dashboard to see if it matches the number found to the right of the SN label.
  • If the two do not match, press “add sensor” and manually enter the SN number into the field.
  • Press save and wait several hours to begin receiving data.

Every Therma° temperature and humidity sensor has a serial number (SN) and QR code that allow the sensor to connect with your hub and dashboard. The location of the QR code is on the front of the sensor, with the SN found directly beneath.

Location of the serial number (SN) on the Therma° sensor

Problems adding alerts

Are you experiencing issues adding alerts? Therma’s alerting features are one of the most powerful tools that allow you to realize the full benefits of our system.  Before setting up customized alerts in our web dashboard, ensure that Alert #1, the inactivity alert, is configured. This alert notifies you if your sensor hasn’t produced any data in 4 hours or if the battery for your Therma° sensor is below 15%. To do this:


  • Log into your web dashboard and navigate to the sensors tab.
  • Click on the sensor you wish to receive alerts from and press the power icon.
  • Wait 24 hours to start receiving data in the software suite.

Sensor offline alerts

If your hub was inactive for a long period of time, your sensor may go offline. You will know your sensor has gone offline if you receive an inactivity alert. If you are not receiving data, we recommend performing a manual reset on your sensor. To reset the sensor:


  • Hold down the circular ACT button on the sensor for 3 seconds until the light flashes green and then goes dark.
  • Wait 5-10 seconds while the sensor light is dark. The sensor light then should flash green again.

The second green flash indicates that the sensor pairing was successful.  

If your Therma° remote monitoring system is not functioning correctly, ensure that you have followed these five steps to troubleshoot your system. If you have tried all of these techniques and are still having issues, do not hesitate to contact us at