Using the Therma° mobile app

Learn more about utilizing our mobile app to get the most out of Therma° and our suite of remote monitoring technology.

Welcome to the Therma° Resource Hub. This article will introduce the functions of the Therma° mobile app.

Getting started using the Therma° mobile app

The Therma° app allows you to access on-the-go analytics and alerts. Reduce loss events, prevent equipment downtime, and display temperature records all from your smartphone. 

With the Therma° app: 

  • View real-time temperature, humidity, and battery life data for a location or individual sensor. 
  • Stay up-to-date on all instances where sensors have measured conditions outside of set thresholds. 
  • Produce verified temperature logs for proof of compliance with local health ordinances.

The sensors tab 

The sensors tab serves as your home base and allows you to monitor location and sensor data at a glance. 

Dig deeper by:

  • Swiping left on a sensor to view its precise temperature, humidity, and battery life readings. 
  • Filtering temperature and humidity records by preset time parameters to view trends over a specified period of time. 
  • Easily producing filterable temperature logs for proof of compliance with local health department ordinances. 

The alerts tab

Use the alerts tab to view current and past incidences when sensors have reported conditions beyond set thresholds. 

Utilizing the alerts tab allows you to:

  • Quickly identify ongoing alerts with a blinking pink dot. 
  • Track alerts over the last day, seven days, thirty days. Use this feature to analyze trends, such as warming events, that are early indicators of an equipment malfunction.
  • Keep track of your data on the go with mobile alerts via push notifications.

The settings tab

The settings tab allows you to log out of the app and contact customer support. You can also reach customer support by email at

You can check and change all settings in the app by visiting the Therma° dashboard.
To access the dashboard, simply log on to

To learn more about how to use the Therma° app, please watch our full tutorial video here:

For more information on how Therma° can help your business run smoother, purchase sensors online or request a demo with a Therma representative.