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How to save 10% on energy by Sensing, Shifting, & Saving with Therma°

With the Therma° Cooling Intelligence Platform (TCIP™), businesses get to save 10% on their electricity bills. This groundbreaking solution utilizes Sensing, Shifting, and Saving to deliver both economic and environmental benefits.

How does it work?

In simpler terms, achieving the economic and environmental benefits requires a sophisticated and complex system made up of hardware, software, and machine learning-powered algorithms. These are the components that enable TCIP™ to intelligently optimize refrigeration and HVAC equipment without compromising inventory safety or guest/employee comfort.


Therma°’s best-in-class sensors constantly monitor temperature and humidity levels as well as electricity usage. These sensors guarantee that refrigeration and HVAC equipment effectively fulfill their vital functions while informing the TCIP™ machine learning algorithm.


Energy consumption of cooling equipment is strategically shifted towards off-peak hours or the time slots when electricity is least expensive in order to optimize usage patterns.


As a result, the overall amount of energy drawn by cooling equipment is reduced, leading to significant savings on electricity bills.

Utilize the 3S’s to cut down bills and achieve a more stable electrical grid 

In conclusion, TCIP™ senses and monitors important data on temperature, humidity, and energy consumption. Using this information, the machine learning algorithms and the platform are able to optimize energy usage by shifting to off-peak hours—helping businesses save energy and money.

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Ever wonder how much you could be saving annually off your energy bills?