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Therma° + Ecotrak: No More Downtime When Monitoring and Optimizing Cooling Asset Performance

Therma° partners with Ecotrak, a pioneer in enterprise asset management software. With this partnership comes an integration between Therma's Cooling Intelligence Platform™ with the Ecotrak Facility Management Software. 


Through this partnership, Therma customers can now have continuous and accurate monitoring and reliable control of their refrigeration and HVAC assets.

About the integration

Ecotrak is a leading facility and asset lifecycle management software. It provides a user-friendly experience that helps businesses and teams manage their repairs, maintenance, vendors, and assets through real-time actionable data and reporting. 


This integration aims to help franchisors, franchisees, facility managers, operations teams, and accounting teams to predict and prevent unplanned equipment downtime before any disruption is caused to the daily business operations.

Integration Features

  • Temperature and humidity data is sent directly from Therma° into refrigeration and HVAC assets in Ecotrak—triggering real-time emergency alerts.
  • Asset runtime hours and downtime events are tracked and recorded from Therma° into Ecotrak Reporting
  • Therma° users can login to Ecotrak to schedule repairs or maintenance 
  • Temperature and humidity data are connected to asset lifecycle data

What this partnership aims to achieve

This Ecotrak and Therma° integration paves the way for businesses to reduce food waste and carbon emissions—while saving time, energy, and maintenance costs. Additionally, this gives customers that peace of mind knowing that their refrigeration and HVAC assets can get dedicated software repair and maintenance for more reliable and accurate monitoring.


As professionals in developing energy management solutions, Therma aims to make energy cost reduction and your overall carbon footprint lower, much easier, and more hassle-free. 


Our partnership with asset management software Ecotrak is in line with our mission to combat climate change. This is just one of the steps we are taking to help businesses transition toward sustainability. Book a demo here if you want to learn more.