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Therma° helps Domino's franchisee save energy and food costs

‍Background and Problem

As Director of Operations for twelve Domino's Pizza franchise locations in Colorado, Bill Oliver continually works to ensure all stores provide customers with a consistently exceptional experience. And as technology continues to mature and become more ubiquitous in the restaurant space, Domino’s uses technology to take their business to the next level. "Invest to create devotion" is a core value of Domino's brand.Bill witnessed an exponential increase in business by early April of 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Streamlining operations had never been so critical. Employees were conducting manual temperature checks on multiple individual coolers daily, taking an average of one hour per day to complete. Bill remembers, "I always knew that my store teams at times could be so overwhelmed with daily tasks and could potentially forget to check the temperature of the equipment, or document if they did."Domino's corporate would also perform random corporate audits to ensure food safety and Bill never had any way to guarantee the temperature log was accurately completed or equipment was performing optimally. Temperatures were also not tracked outside of business hours. He wanted to automate this task so employees could focus on other revenue-generating activities and start monitoring his store’s assets 24/7. Bill decided to move forward with Therma at two of his locations.

Impact of Therma

After a simple 10-minute installation and dashboard training, Bill set up automatic reporting to receive weekly temperature logs, sent directly to his email. Bill could now fully remove temperature logging from his two stores day-to-day, and even share accurate logs with third-party inspectors. Additionally, Bill uncovered problems that he did not know existed prior to Therma, including consistent temperature spikes in the middle of the night. Bill says, "We were able to prove to our overnight vendors that their delivery personnel had been leaving the door open too long when bringing product in, compromising the product and wasting energy.”After adjusting vendor practices, Bill saw a significant decrease in energy cost month over month. Because of the immediate return on investment, Bill immediately expanded the program to all of his restaurants. Since then, he has continued to unlock more value using Therma’s real-time alerts.

Bill believes that Therma has saved approximately $10,000 per year, per restaurant. Employees now focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience instead of constantly monitoring equipment, ultimately giving leadership more peace of mind.