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How Therma° saved Eggs Up Grill $1,000 in one month

Background and problem

Eggs Up Grill is located in the hurricane belt, where power goes out often. They needed a way to ensure that their inventory was kept safe from spoiling and avoid expensive labor costs in re-prepping food thrown out. With no alert system in place, they turned to Therma to monitor their refrigeration and freezer units around the clock. Therma° was quickly and easily installed, and they were immediately able to automate temperature tracking for their refrigeration equipment. The owner has since expanded Therma° into all locations, including a food truck!

Impact of Therma° on Eggs Up Grill

After a seamless Therma installation, the value was seen immediately in the 24/7 temperature monitoring system. While on vacation, the owner received a Therma notification that a cooler temperature was steadily climbing. Because the temperature rise was relatively slow, the restaurant employees did not immediately recognize the problem. Subsequent alerts that the temperature was continuing to climb suggested maintenance was required so the owner could direct his staff to relocate the food from the cooler and repair it. Because of the alerts, he could save $1,000 in food spoilage and hundreds in overtime labor costs to re-prep lost food — all remotely!

After seeing 25x ROI in this one location, the owner has expanded Therma° into his additional locations, as well as his food truck. The owner can now rest assured that his inventory is protected with Therma!