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Therma° helped Skyline Chili save over $18,000 in inventory

Background and problem

Skyline needed a comprehensive temperature monitoring solution with an alert system to ensure their inventory was kept safe from spoilage. They chose Therma for the wireless LoRa capability, ease of installation, and affordable price point. Just three weeks after a seamless installation of Therma°, Skyline Chili was immediately able to see 15x ROI and have since expanded into all corporate locations!

The impact of Therma° on Skyline Chili

After an effortless installation of Therma° in six locations, the Skyline Chili team saved thousands in food spoilage and emergency repair costs. On two separate occasions, they were notified of rising temperatures in their walk-in coolers, both due to compressor issues. The first instance occurred at their largest location hours before the first shift. The team received alerts of climbing temperatures, which prompted them to call maintenance immediately. Maintenance uncovered the problem and was able to repair the cooler, saving $10,000 of inventory inside. A similar instance occurred in another location’s walk-in, holding around $8,000 worth of inventory. In total, Therma was able to save $18,000 in food spoilage.

Before implementing Therma°, Skyline was unaware of equipment failures after business hours. Therma saved them $18,000 in food spoilage and provided the data needed to improve preventative maintenance practices, reducing costly emergency repairs. After seeing 15x ROI, the Skyline Chili team has expanded Therma °into their 33 corporate locations and have peace of mind that their valuable inventory is kept safe!