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From our customers

The main thing I want to know is - if that temperature starts to move in one direction or another - I'm alerted, so that we can react. I've got a fair amount of food in freezers that I can't afford to lose.

John Dean

Valley Green Foods, LLC.

I'm always asking my staff - "What's your temperature at the kitchen?" I got Therma so I don't have to ask anymore.

Ash Bedier

Owner at Prime Meals LLC

Because of Therma's alert, I was able to contact a 24 hr HVAC repair shop and have the unit fixed before the temperature rose over 14 degrees. Catastrophe averted.

Terry Campbell

Teri Studios Food Photography

Therma is my personal refrigeration guy monitoring my inventory.

I set it and forget it.

Korey Vasquez

Gold Rush Cafe

Through the Therma° temperature graphs and alerts reporting the rising temperatures, we were able to solve the issue and avoid a costly bill as well as stress on the team by not having a functioning cooler.

Rick Pollon

Equipment and Facilities Manager, The McMurray Group

On just this occasion, Therma° saved us from possibly endangering patrons, $1000 dollars with of food, and downtime.

Terry Ubl

Director of Facilities Management, Hai Hospitality

Get Peace of Mind with Therma°

Be sure your inventory stays within a safe range at all times, eliminate manual labor, and get instant visibility across all of your locations.

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  • Unbeatable Connectivity
    LoRaWAN® powered sensors have a range of 1,200+ feet and use 4G LTE instead of WiFi.

  • Your Data, Guaranteed
    Built with military-grade security, end-to-end encryption, and FDA 21 CFR compliance to guarantee and protect your equipment data.

  • Bypass the IT Review Process
    Set up in 10-minutes or less from our mobile app.